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Professional Lockmiths, Installation and Repair Services.

Whether you’re planning a renovation, or simply need a routine maintenance of your windows, doors, or access control systems, our professional technicians can assist you effectively in the right way.

Remodeling, Replacing Window Screens or Locks, Installation Garage Doors, Awnings, etc.

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Are your windows or doors sticking? Having trouble with your locks? It’s possible they may be damaged from harsh weather or normal “wear and tear.” Our professional technicians will repair (or replace) what is necessary to restore security back to your home or business.


Whether you are starting a new project, renovating, or simply looking to replace your windows, doors, or hardware, we have something to meet all needs and budgets.

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For your peace of mind.


With over 50 years of experience in the aluminum and security industry, we strive to be an excellent organization providing the highest quality products, services and repairs.


Whether your order is large or small, we are the providers for all your aluminum and security needs. Protect what matters most to you! We deliver what others promise.


At Albury's Locksmithing Co., we pride ourselves in providing quality products and services for both residential and commercial applications, while displaying excellence in all we do.

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