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For your peace of mind.


With over 50 years of experience in the aluminum and security industry, we strive to be an excellent organization providing the highest quality products, services and repairs.


Whether your order is large or small, we are the providers for all your aluminum and security need. Protect what matters most to you! We deliver what others promise.


At Albury's Locksmithing Co., we pride ourselves in providing quality products and services for both residential and commercial applications, while displaying excellence in all we do.

Our History

Albury’s Locksmithing Co. was birthed from a dream placed within the founder, Mr. Jason R. Albury Sr. He, along with his wife, Martha Albury, worked hard to ensure that the best security and aluminum products and services were provided to homes and business across the country. Mr. Albury knew the need for professional locksmiths and window/door technicians, and he capitalized on that need.

Since his passing in 2004, Mrs. Albury continued on in the company until she retired and became a consultant for the company. Her youngest daughter, Melissa Roberts and her son-in-law, Dallas Roberts now run the company with great care and professionalism. They, along with their competent staff, strive daily to fulfill the vision of Albury’s Locksmithing, as your peace of mind is our peace of mind.


Ensuring your security and safety for your peace of mind.


To protect and secure every home and business in the Bahamas and beyond with high quality products and services that are second to none.


To treat all of our customers with care and respect while integrating honesty, integrity, business ethics, and excellence into all aspects of our business operations.